Add a Smartphone

The University has implemented Duo, a two-factor authentication service, for systems at UConn that require additional security for the authentication process. Two-factor login improves the security of the personal and financial information and prevents anyone but you from accessing your accounts, even if they have obtained your username and password.

You can opt-in to the service before two-factor authentication is required

  1. Go to
  2. Login to NetID Single Sign On page with your NetID username and password.
  3. If you have not added a device in Duo before, the Duo “Start Setup” page will appear. This only happens the first time you add a device and will not appear on subsequent visits. Click Start setup.
  4. Select the radio button beside Mobile phone. Click Continue.
  5. Select your country from the drop down, and enter the phone number for your mobile phone.
  6. Duo will verify your number. If correct, check the box beside your number and click Continue.  Go back if you need to correct your number.
  7. Select the type of mobile phone you are using.
    1. For iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, you will be prompted to install the app Duo Mobile. The service will provide instructions on how to get and install the appropriate app for the mobile device selected. Proceed to step 8 once you have installed the app on your phone.
    2. If you choose Other (and cell phones), you will be asked to choose an authentication method. You can choose to receive a text with a SMS passcode that you will enter or receive a phone call. Click Save. Adding your device has been completed, and you do not need to continue to the next step.
  8. Click I have Duo Mobile installed.
  9. Next you will activate Duo for your phone. You can do this two ways. You can scan the onscreen QR code or have an activation link emailed to you. Click Continue once you complete either activation option.
  10. In the final screen, you will select how you will receive a notification on your phone.  Once you have selected your option, click Save. The process is complete.

ITS recommends using Duo Push  if your second factor is a smartphone or tablet.