Help and Support

If you need assistance with your digital identity or any of the services we offer, please contact the ITS Tech Support Center.

IAM Team

Dylan Marquis
Identity and Access Management Architect/Team Lead

Dylan engages with the stakeholders, both leadership and subject matter experts, to suggest IAM solutions, establish best practices, and ensure that IAM strategies align with the needs of the University.

Marybeth Bardot
Accounts Analyst

Marybeth troubleshoots issues with data relating to accounts and access.

Kevin Brown
IAM Engineer and Administrator

Kevin is responsible for the administration, design, and development of the Identity and Access Management systems at the University. He also provides assistance to users for Identity Management-related technologies.

Meera Nair
Email Administrator

Meera administers email and other communication related activities.

Rick Sarvas
IAM/Dev-Ops Engineer

Rick develops and maintains software to bridge systems and automate processes. He also administers the mail routing infrastructure.

Rick Simon
IAM Administrator

Rick administrates Active Directory as well as other Identity Management related technologies.