CAS Upgrade Testing Information

ITS will be upgrading the University’s implementation and infrastructure of CAS, the single sign-on system for web services, on Saturday, September 22.

Testing Your Application

If you would like to test your application’s compatibility with the new CAS server and infrastructure, connect your application’s CAS client to the endpoints below.

CAS Login URL:

CAS Service Validation URL:

Testing URL Certificate

If required, the certificate for the testing URL can be found at the link below:

LDAP Attribute Release

All existing service definitions for LDAP attribute release have been setup on the new CAS servers. If you application currently receives an attribute release from CAS during authentication, it should do so when connected to the new infrastructure.

CAS IP Addresses

CAS will be moving to new IP addresses, which are listed below. – ( – – – –


If you have any questions or issues regarding testing please contact Dylan Marquis (