Integrating an Application with Display Name

ITS has updated the Display Name process, making it easier for applications to consume Display Name. OpenLDAP will now contain four additional display name attributes for first, middle, last and directory display names.  The attributes and an example of their format can be found below.

displayGivenName: Edgar (First Name)

displayMiddleName: Allan (Middle Name)

displaySn: Poe (Last Name)

displayName: Poe, Edgar (Directory Display Name)

Please note that the displayName attribute has been expanded to include more formatting options.

All OpenLDAP service accounts already have access to this attribute. Please wait until November 5th before starting to consume these attributes in your application. This will allow time for individuals to review their current Display Name and make corrections if needed.

Active Directory will automatically be populated with the value of these new attributes for the existing givenName, sn, and displayName attributes. If your application requires legal name and is currently using Active Directory, we recommend switching to OpenLDAP for directory information.